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Mechanical Concept Tattoo
Healing Options

     Mechanical Concept Tattoo is not going to tell you there is one, and only one way to heal and care for a tattoo.
With a combined experience level of 50+ years in the industry, we have found several successful ways to heal a tattoo.
Please feel free to choose one you are most comfortable with.

Healing Option 1:

Mechanical Concept AfterCare

1: I remove my bandage after 4-6 hours in a clean environment (like your home).
2: I will then wash my tattoo gently with soap and water. I use my normal body wash, figuring my body chemistry is already used to that product, Antimicrobial Soap is preferred by the medical community. Using my hands to gently wash the tattoo area, removing all the excess ointment, plasma, and/or blood. Sometimes it's just easier to jump in the shower to make sure it's cleaned thoroughly. Tattoos can get wet, they just don't like it when we soak them excessively.
3: After washing, gently pat dry.
4: Apply a thin coat of lotion to the tattoo 3-5 times a day for the next two weeks. Thoroughly rubbing the lotion into the tattoo, to help moisturize the new skin growing and helping to prevent it from drying out. The MOST IMPORTANT thing (besides keeping it clean) I always try to remember while healing a tattoo, is to make sure that I DO NOT LET MY TATTOO DRY OUT by using THIN COATS of lotion all throughout the day. Not just blobbing a bunch on and expecting it to last all day. I have had great success using 3 different brands of lotions. The one I use currently is "Palmers Cocoa Butter". The others I have used are: Lubriderm, and Curel. If I decide on one of the last 2 mentioned, I make sure I use the non scented, non SPF brand. Just keep it plain and simple.

Just use common sense
Always keep a tattoo clean.
It is ok to get a tattoo wet. DO NOT soak it.
No Pools, No Baths, etc.
No Tanning or Tanning Lotions.
Immediately wash if any animal brushes against it.
If for some reason a lotion or product is used that stings excessively,
wash skin immediately!! Then I would try one of the other healing options.

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Healing Option 2:

Mechanical Concept AfterCare
Mechanical Concept AfterCare

I remove bandage 2-4 hours after procedure.
I then gently wash (do not soak) in warm water with Dial Gold (do this 3-5 times a day)

After washing and only after washing, I apply Aquaphor (by Eucerine) 3-5 times a day, in a very thin layer. There are others that work, this just happens to be my favorite.
A tattoo is healed when the scab peels.
The skin may still be dry so I will use a fragrance free lotion after it peels if I choose.

1) Soak a tattoo (keep showers under 10 minutes)
2) Pick or scratch a tattoo, let the scab come off on its own
3) Sun bathe, keep a new tattoo out of direct sunlight as much as possible till after it heals

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