Healing Option 2:

Mechanical Concept AfterCare
Mechanical Concept AfterCare

I remove bandage 2-4 hours after procedure.
I then gently wash (do not soak) in warm water with Dial Gold (do this 3-5 times a day)

After washing and only after washing, I apply Aquaphor (by Eucerine) 3-5 times a day, in a very thin layer. There are others that work, this just happens to be my favorite.
A tattoo is healed when the scab peels.
The skin may still be dry so I will use a fragrance free lotion after it peels if I choose.

1) Soak a tattoo (keep showers under 10 minutes)
2) Pick or scratch a tattoo, let the scab come off on its own
3) Sun bathe, keep a new tattoo out of direct sunlight as much as possible till after it heals

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